Hard to love

I think it’s really hard to love another person in modern days.We all have been in love with someone, or we at least think that way that it was love, He was the one, She’s the one that got away. But is it really so?? I don’t think so and as stupid this might sound but bear with me for 30 seconds and you will know.

Engineered for survival

IF we humans know one thing for sure its survival. We know to survive and we are furious while doing that. We know people possessing extreme skills when their life was on the line. How can we even forget 127 hours cause if that doesn’t justify my point I don’t know what else will? Now here is the question How can we love someone else and be sure that when the time of survival comes they won’t eat us up and stay alive??

Selflessness is nonexistent in relationships

I have been through a lot of relationships and if there is one thing that held common in all of them it was that they were all two sided. I deliver something and get something in return or they delivered something and I returned. Be it respect, care or physical satisfactions. Hardly selflessness exists in the modern day relationships, it’s more of a business deals.

Spouse vs. Kids

 If asked the question who do you love more your kid or your husband?? The only answer that I have received after asking tons of lovely mothers is that –We love our husbands but hardly as compared to our kids.

Texts vs. talks

Now a days we hardly talk we text ,we don’t meet we Skype, we don’t send postcard we send pictures. We now love in the modern era of psudocommunication where everyone just does this or that to tell the world that they are doing it. Relationships lack communications now.

The world is coming together but the people are having gulfs between them.

Friendship vs. Partner

This is a tough call I know but I asked this question to many men and women and their answers were similar-Given a choice to hang out with your best friends or your partner who would you pick?? Except from a few of young people all the older couples picked their best friends .Cause they feel that enjoying a cold beer or a shopping session is more fun than their cuddling in bed with their partners.

True love is like a ghost, which everyone talks about and only few have seen –Francois de La Rochefoucauld

So if you have that ghost with you. Don’t let it pass through the walls away from you. Hold it tight and never let go. 


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