Things you can learn from a child

We all have been kids. The best times of our lives where the worst thing could happen was not being able to complete our homework. Happiness was the only thing we knew, pain was not in the dictionary that was known to us. Favorite thing to do in the day was to run back home and watch Pokémon and Beyblade and assume to be Kai or Ash. The world was of dreams and imaginations and then shit happened—WE GROW UP..Now we are suffering in the cold dryness of our corporate lives with hardly happiness in our lives and just money and monetary things we chase.

All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.-Pablo Picasso

But if you look closer there are still a lot of things which meets the eye once you see a kid and just according to the happy song by THE BEACH BOYS- A CHILD IS THE FATHER OF A MAN…   Here are a few things only a kid can teach you.

  • EVERYTHING IS A MYSTERY– Be it whatever a single card, a switch, a tie, a deodorant can, a mouse pad, a new animal. Everything is a mystery and the best thing is curiosity .A kid is open to anything that comes to him, open to earn, open to adapt, and open to experiment.


  • PAIN IS JUST A WORD– We fall, we suffer losses, we get our heart broken, we go bankrupt and cry out our eyes about how miserable our lives are. But notice a kid, he will fall ,he will put his little fingers in electricity sockets, get his hand burned and half hour later completely forget about it like it doesn’t even happened . LET THE PAIN AND HURT BEHIND OUR BACK AND FORGET THAT THEY EVEN WERE THERE..


  • LEARN AND ACCEPT-we are so stubborn and arrogant in our own egos that we hardly take time to understand new things and hardly accept the changes occurring in the world to us. A kid on the other hand opens himself up for new learning, be it language or antiquates or how to eat without spilling or why he should not say boobs in public. BE FLEXIBLE BEING ADAPTIVE, LEANING AND BE GRACEFUL ABOUT IT.


  •  FUCK SAFETY – BE crazy, cross roads without looking sideways, drink hot coffee, touch a hot iron. Do all that not to hurt yourself but to relax sometime. WE ALL KNOW THAT WE CANNOT BE OLD AND WISE IF WE NEVER BE YOUNG AND STUPID.


  • TEARS– We all get hurt but it’s how we deal with them that matters.  Either we slip in our blanket or forget the tears by seeing a candy bar. That’s on us


Kids are the best souls in the planet .They are pure, happy, true and all loving. Make them best of themselves and even better person we ever were..



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