A crazy, stupid, non-rational, non-challenging, growing, astonishing and comforting thing if you have it right but it is yet as brutal, torment, agonizing painful and discomforting if you got it all wrong.But isn’t that the type of love we all are getting these days.The one that hurts us causes sadness, immense. mental trauma and sorrow. We all have gone through breakups and as much as you can deny it they are all bad.They SUCK Period!!!. But that makes me think why we actually break up ??

Anyone can give excuses or their stupid lies that they tell themselves and others. I deserve better, she got boring, he cannot commit, he talked with anger, she is just so clingy all the time and what not.

But I don’t think those are the actual reasons. We break up because we don’t really know what love is all about. We get into relations just for the sake of it. We meet people, text and fall for the image what we have created for the person we texting. We meet people grow friendships, let our brain fool us into thinking they are perfect and then we bang.Yes, I mean BANG.We don’t love anymore we FUCK and then we regret and blame LOVE. Something that we know nothing about cause we never notice it all around, we are never taught about it in schools or textbooks and that’s why there are more pain and sorrows in this GEN Y of ours.

A whole generation not wishing to be loved or to love. AMAZING IS IT NOT ??  We all have been hurt by some other asshole or unfaithful ladies (see people this is how you save yourself from feminists) and now we hate to love, even the thought of love makes us go for another round of shots.

I think the idea of love has just disappeared and known as old school now. Emotions mere a thing to play with, body type are the sole character a person now posses.Spirits, Soul attachments, soul mates…People laugh at such words… IS it because we are not able to understand them or maybe they don’t hold any value in our day to day lives.

I don’t know what is happening to us but I feel us closer to hate then in the backseat of our rovers with someone we will NEVER give up NO MATTER WHAT.


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