Comfortable death

​I went down to a hospital today .. nothing much just regular checkups and don’t know why bt I felt like laughing..

At the entrance I was indulged with valet parking service ,made me check if I was at a hospital or at Leela’s. Shitty security lead me to the reception where I noticed blocks for Indians and foreigners and I incidentally remembered the Mard movie ..(good flick it is ,give it a try with your old man).

I got my check up done and this hot nurse made me remember all the NAUGHTY AMERICA downloads ., haven’t we all boys have dreamt of that ..hot nurse , hospital bed .

But away from that I noticed something awkward today .This hospital is not what it looks like .It’s a goddamn business and a healthy one at that . Flourishing buildings , hanging gardens ,formals dressings,flooding parking lots ,Ac rooms , LCD TV screens , continental breakfast and what not ..

Made me think about just one thing if that’s what being sick treats you like may be I want to stay here . This isn’t so bad it’s a fucking luxury house except the booze . 

I met a guy in stairwell with all the hospital robe and iv in his hands ,with shaved head and a warm smile . He came from basement which I now know where they held cancer patients. His first words to me Instantly made me like him . He stepped up the stairs and said ‘U know nicotine is a Indian weed and now the world is dying cause v smoke shit . Devious minds think alike, my man can I bum 1?’ 

I smiled and agreed passing him a stick .

 He said ‘ You seem alright what u here for ‘

Me -‘ Just some regular shit cough blood , brain craps ,U?

Him -‘ oh didn’t you see I came here to get my head shaved ‘.

A cold humor 

I smiled ,he added you know I can tell it’s my time now

Me – How you know?

Him- My family and all started coming here , loving me a lot . You can tell when your time is here they all suddenly fall in love with you Ironically. Tell you how much they value you and all shit . But I can see their lies ,lies in their smiles . Fucking vultures waiting for me to do so they go and enjoy their petty lives again.

Me -u hate your family?

Him- Nah man that’s all I got right now and You .The big guy with a smoke . Thanks man.

He walked and I just remembered one line somebody said to me years ago – Fear the man who is dying and knows it . Alas we are all here in this world waiting to die every day ignoring what values the most in life ie Time , love , relationshis and just grind our ass daily for nothing but a comfortable death .☺


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