​Death….. No I will start with the word life,a simple four letter word describing the whole of crappy ass bullshit going on around you along with the most beautiful things happening in there all, 

But v all face the question what is life? Why is life?? Or why do we live?? Ain’t v all have faced that question in our lives, 

Life can be as long as a turtle or as short as a bee but what matters is how you live it. Everyday you are loosing time and a tiny bit of our lives…. Sad??  I know it is but still not quite like it. Cause your life is just not your life, your life is bound with the lives of numerous people all around u, whom u c whom u touch whom u fell in love with or whom you just are fooling around,,, those all are a part of your life and you are there’s. 

And with every passing moment you are touching their lives too. And trust me when I say this life is all about that only.  How you touch other people’s lives?? Those kind words you said to somebody that general huggi to gave to someone sad that gentle tap on your head by your parents or those kisses to your loved ones…. That’s all life  

Being a man is not about respect or strength it’s about being aware of all the things you touch.
I have seen a lot of deaths around me, bodies burning to ashes, people lying on the hospital bed I have seen them all. But that’s not beautiful  oh?!! No sir not a bit…. Now a days kids go with the flow and with their YOLO shit going on all over..:: Go hard die young ”  listen up you pot smokers there is no such thing as a beautiful dead body…. 

How the fuck can u even say that you only live once when u haven’t even understood what living is all about 

Life is not going nuts or what have you earned . Life is what you have when u are gone. Life is measured not in piles of notes or blunders of golds, not that suit or that cruise ship u own but what you left here what’s your legacy is your life.
Life is a beautiful thing men . A much more beautiful thing then the hottest chick you ever saw, the craziest thing you ever did, the mistakes you made, the long roads and opportunities you missed…. Life is much more then that 
Life is having somebody to carry your coffin, life is having a man crying on your corpse whom nobody have ever saw shed a tear, life is having someone to watch you as you go down in ashes, to sit next to you when nobody wants to… Life is to have people around you to moist their eyes when you are gone, to have some friends who in tears  laugh on some shit you said or did over the drinks when you were alive…  

And so beautiful is death but only for the person cause he doesn’t have to c what he have left behind. They ask me why I never  shed a tear @ funeral and I always say he is more happier than any of us ever have been and m happy for him.. 

This blistering cold is making me shiver to type so I bid your adieu with jus one line…….

Life is nothing but a four letter word……!!! 


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