A woman

​A woman… so easy  to hold but deadly to capture  gentle to cruise along but rash to ride. She might b  focused on her  goal or just might be slipping by. She might be the crazy ones you run from or the dreamy ones you jerk off to.  She might be the one restrained by her parents or she might be the one a lil bit over the line. She might not be all pink n cuddly she might just be a bad ass Tomboy. She might be a nut shell to see but a soft timber in her heart that burnes with the fuel of love  comfort and attention. 

She might say she don’t love you or might jz blab it all every now n then but the time comes when you stop listening to any…. Cause for you it doesn’t matter anymore… She might be a pain in d ass with all her neediness or might be a hatred heart for the Beatles or jazz, she might not be as classy as you are or as amazing as you are or she might be where you could never reach as successful as you might never be but if she stops your heart or make it go running every moment you think of her.. Give you goosebumps while waiting for her.. Hold your head in despair… Irritate to your bones… And yet fulfill you once you hold her in your arms…. – – – –  No matter how much of a dick you are but you can’t get away from her no matter what you try to do cz she might b the one you deserve… 


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