It’s Hard not to hate. People,things,institutions ,love when they break your spirit and take pleasure to watch u bleed…..Hate is the only feeling that makes sense.

But i know what hate does to a man.It tears him apart ,turns him something he is not ,something he promised himself that he will never become ..That’s what i m trying not to cave under the weight of all the awful things i feel in my heart with all the pain and misery.

Sometimes all my life seems like a deadly balancing act …what i feel slamming against what i should do,impulsive reactions racing to solutions miles ahead of my brain.

When i look at my day i realize that most of it has gone cleaning the mess of the day before .In that life you had no future as all i had are distractions and remorse .


images (3).jpg


I buried my best friend 3 days ago .As much cliché it sound but i feel that i left a part of me in that box,a part of me i didn’t know ,a part of me i will never see again. Every day is a new box love ,you open it, take a look at what’s inside and you are the one who decides whether it’s a gift or a coffin .You make your pick and go with it and at the end feel that you chose correct and try not to hate it …


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