Everyday tale -TARA


What makes us who we are ?? I was just sitting idle in the coffee shop today looked at kids playing , couples cuddling, businesses flattering over cell phones and then I saw her.

A young kid , probably 6 or 8 in a yellow half sleeve old rugged sweater . She had her cute lil red shoes on and held bunch of balloons in her hand . She was shivering a bit ,well of course Delhi winters can send chills down anybody’s spine . But there was something about her , something that made my eyes to be glued to her wondering about her dress ,her strolling from person to person asked them to buy her balloons,her curled up hairs ,her running nose which she was scrapping off with her sleeve.

Then she just stood as in the past 15 minutes nobody had even stopped to buy a single balloon. So, she sat right opposite to Starbucks and with her head held down trying to make herself warm by blowing in her own little fists and that’s when it hit me .

Who are we and what makes us who we are ??

We sit around in the office all day long crunchy numbers banging phones ,typing codes,making notes ..all just to get some cash . A little Benjamins ,some Gandhis and for what ?? We run a rat race while we see humans all around us and yet never really see anybody. We so see a crying kid in a hungry mother’s lap ,we don’t see an old woman frightened to cross the road ,we don’t see a young child shivering in the cold .

I stepped out of the cafe and walked to her and sat next to her . She gave me the prettiest smile I had seen in months may be years and just asked “would you like a balloon,sir ?” I smiled back and said nothing just offered my coffee cup to her .To my surprise she declined it and stood up , about to walk away .Thats when I stopped her and gave money to buy all of her balloons . She accepted the money and I could see a tear drop in her eyes.

I asked”where do you stay ? Where are your parents?”

She just signalled me to an young lady ,not more than 30 sitting on the pavement selling fake ornaments . The girl ran and hid behind her as I walked towards the lady and gave all the money to her happily with joy visible from cheek to cheek .

I talked to the lady and got to know that they were from a different state and sell stuff to keep themselves fed . The kid’s dad ,her Husband is a sweeper and works in the Daytime.

I got up went in Starbucks and brought back two venti cups and offered it to them . The kid accepted after being told by her mother.

I wanted to talk more but,saw that I was budging in her business as some lady had just went away while the mother was talking to me . So I bid goodbye and asked for the name of kid.”Tara” I was told . I just smiled and so did they and that’s when I realized that it was just the happiness on her face,the smile on her lips was which had caught my eyes. 

As I walked away,with a promise to meet again tomorrow to deliver warm clothes for both of them, her eyes shone in happiness as hope just as her name TARA (a star).

Who we are doesn’t matter but what makes us who we are ? Those are the good deeds we leave behind. All those smiles and all that laughter makes us nothing but Human ..


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